Why Vaillant?

Important things to know about solar pool heating from Vaillant

Dubai - 23.02.2014.

Vaillant can provide the end users with a flexible spectrum of Solar Water Heating solutions for swimming pool heating. As swimming pools are becoming more popular in private villas, schools and hotels, the demand on auxiliary pool heating can significantly add an extra running cost to keep the swimming pool warm at the desired water temperature for daily use especially when solely depending on fuel fired or electrically operated water heaters. Pool heating is an option for pool owners using Solar Collectors who want to extend the swimming timing and increase comfort by providing greater control over pool temperatures and can be with the least additional cost when resorting to Solar Water Heating Systems such as Forced Solar Water Heating Systems or Drain Back Solar Water Heating Systems.

In heated pools, once water from the pool is pumped through the filter, it is sent to a solar collector array (backed up with a thermostat-regulated auxiliary heater). If the water is at or above the set temperature, the auxiliary heater will not activate.

Introducing a Solar Water Heating System to the pool will provide high energy savings since the water will depend less and less on the auxiliary heaters. In order to gain the most out of the Solar Water Heating System, it will be useful to know the following:

Surface evaporation & radiation

If a pool is left uncovered, the heat loss from the pool’s surface dwarfs the energy loss through the pool walls regardless of climate. Roughly 90% of the heat loss from a pool surface is due to evaporation. This is because every few liters of water that are evaporated from the pool remove enough energy to cool down a bigger volume of water around them. Solar pool cover minimizes evaporation without fully sacrificing passive solar gain. These bubble-type covers may reduce the passive solar gain by 5% to 15%, but they also limit the heat lost from the pool’s surface due to evaporation and radiation.

The Right Size of the Solar Pool Water Heating System

The energy requirement of an outdoor pool varies between 150 kWh/m² and 700 kWh/m² depending on the water temperature, influence of the wind, weather, fresh water supply and number of users. As a general rule of thumb for outdoor pools with covers, 50% of the pool surface area is the size of the solar absorber required to heat up the water, and up to 80% for uncovered ones. For indoor pools 30% - 50% of the pool surface area can be used

Vaillant Solar Water Heaters for swimming pools can efficiently deliver the right hot water temperature with the most advanced yet simple to operate controllers. The designs can be tricky but the right engineering approach can optimize and tailor-made the system design to reduce/eliminate system stagnations and increase the efficiency under the right cost.