For today, tomorrow and the future.

Dubai 14.08.2014

Research and Development in the Vaillant Group, with over 12000 employees, is one of the largest and most creative of those in our industry. We are particularly focused on developing new technologies for sustainable energy supply, including the combination of fossil and renewable sources of energy in efficient integrated systems and the dual use of energy in combined heat and power systems.

In Germany, we are currently introducing the world‘s first micro-CHP system with a gas-burning engine, and we are working on our first fuel cell heating appliance.

This is how we are shaping the future of heating technology. Vaillant is the brand providing the right answers to all questions related to heating, living comfort and new energies.

Vaillant Group International GmbH (Middle East Branch) is celebrating our First Year Anniversary, and clients across the nation are experiencing the many benefits of partnering with professional distributors in solar world. Now you too can have your own reach to our assistance to help manage those next big projects or on a regular basis for a few hours a month or more.

“There often just aren’t enough hours in the day, especially in the solar industry, and projects cannot keep getting put off until tomorrow. We can quickly and effectively manage the inquiries, update our website, create and distribute an e-newsletter, downloadable revised brochure, managing our business calendar, maintain our presence or response on the emails,” states General Manager , Milos Curcic.

These are just a few examples of the many services available to help, free up your time and enhance your projects designs, allowing us to do what can support best.

Vaillant Group International GmbH has provided us with excellent administrative and marketing assistance that enables us to accomplish more in our corporate work and produces quality results in an every support of inquiries. Vaillant has also been part of the solar industry for over 140 years, which adds even more value to the services we provides.

Because Vaillant thinks ahead.