ecoTEC plus


ecoTEC plus


The multi-talented ecoTEC plus is concentrated heating power on only 0.32 m2 of wall area. With up to 35 kW of power, it supplies even larger houses more efficiently and reliably than ever before. The new model uses an electronic gas-air mix system and operates with optimum modulation. This reduces energy consumption and emissions, and also increases the efficiency of water heating. The integral condensation heat exchanger and the new high efficiency pumps provide additional energy savings. And the ingenious connection system allows the quick and perfect installation in any location.

ecoTEC plus VUW

ecoTEC plus VUW is specifically and perfectly suitable for replacement of a flow-through boiler, and is tailored to situations where there is not much wall space. The boiler provides heating and hot water in a class by itself - is the need for hot water was still greater than the boiler can provide, Vaillant offers the intelligent and "invisible" solution. The boiler ecoTEC plus VCW can be combined easily and simply with hot water tank VIH - here is really skimped on the site. The hot water heater VIH S mounted quickly and easily on the wall - then mounted boiler simply outside the water heater. This solution reduces the weight by mounting considerable.

ecoTEC plus VU

ecoTEC plus VU is small, light and easy to use - the perfect choice for new buildings as well as replacements and refurbishments. The compact design allows great flexibility for positioning the boiler and any container. With Vaillant wide range of mounting components to ensure a quick and easy installation. In order to produce enough hot water, a gas boiler has a higher capacity than needed for your heating needs. Therefore, it is possible to install an oversized boiler.

Features for ecoTEC plus

Features for ecoTEC plus
Highly efficient and economical to run with up to an 89.2% efficiency rating (SAP 2009)
Almost instant (5 seconds) hot water delivery as required, ithout the need for a storage tank or cylinder
Advance modulation during periods of low heat demand (e,g. 1-2 radiators on) ensures low enrgy consumption and maximum efficiency
New efficiency automatic two stage pump reduces energy consumption and enables low stand by losses (less than 2W)